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VIDEO: Debris falling on cars on Highways 680, 24 near Pleasant Hill

Published Thursday February 16

LEASANT HILL — An innocent drive down Hwy 680 and Hwy 24 has turned horrid for a handful of motorists.

Some thought they were being shot at, or someone was throwing rocks, or worse.

But on Wed KRON4 learned authorities don’t believe any crime has taken place

Of late, it seems traveling along the Hwy 680-24 corridor can be unsafe to your car’s health.

Earlier this four weeks Sereta Churchill told KRON4 about how the person sunroof was shattered while driving near the 680-24 interchange.

This past Sun the car Alex Green was driving in was hit by a softball size piece of cement.

Specifically, it is debris from the roadway hitting the vehicles.

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