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San Ramon’s Vitality Bowls group teams up with San Jose allergy crusaders

Published Thursday March 9

Vitality Bowls, the “superfood” restaurant launched in San Ramon by a couple whose daughter suffers from food allergies, has enlisted brand new allergy advocates as the enterprise expands throughout the Bay Area.

Brian and Kathy Hom, the San Jose parents who became EpiPen crusaders after their son B.J. died of a peanut allergy reaction while vacationing in Mexico, have joined forces with founders Tara and Roy Gilad to open 2 Vitality Bowls in South San Jose. Their 1st is at the completely new Village Oaks Plz. on Cottle Road and the 2nd due in Apr will be on Cherry Avenue.

And they go a step further. “I stock the EpiPen here now,” Brian Hom says.

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